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Waterproof test of Bluetooth headset IP67

The waterproof Bluetooth headset can make users enjoy the dynamic music in their sweat. This intimate function not only improves the life of the product, but also improves the user's experience. In order to meet the IP67 waterproof standard, Bluetooth headset must be tested for waterproof, while the traditional immersion test brings some irreparable damage to the product. How to realize the non-destructive Bluetooth headset waterproof test has become the research focus of Harris technology. After continuous innovation and improvement, we have produced the Bluetooth headset air tightness tester, which has been put into production.

In the view of Harris technology, it is not advisable for precision equipment to use the traditional immersion method to conduct the waterproof test of sports Bluetooth headset. According to the requirements of waterproof grade, make corresponding immersion depth (pressure) and immersion time. Although the advantage of this soaking method is that the result is very intuitive, it usually brings some irreparable damage to the Bluetooth headset, which undoubtedly causes losses to the producers.

The appearance of precision air tightness tester of Harris technology completely solves the shortcomings of traditional waterproof test methods. We use compressed air as the testing medium and pressure drop as the testing method to test the waterproof of mobile phone. In the test, there must be a sealed mold with the same shape as the Bluetooth headset, and the size should be as accurate as possible, because the smaller the margin between the mold and the product, the higher the detection accuracy. Without damaging the performance and structure of the product to be tested, the production efficiency can be greatly improved, which is very suitable for comprehensive waterproof test in the production line.

So far, Hermes Bluetooth headset IP67 air tightness tester has been widely used in waterproof test, because of its strong stability and high precision, it has been well received by customers.

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