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Earphone waterproof tester test scheme display

Nowadays, earphone marketers regard the waterproof and sweat proof of earphone as a big selling point, which detonates the marketing market of earphone. Manufacturers in the production of headphones should adjust in time to keep up with market changes, so the production and testing of waterproof headphones has become a key work. In response to the needs of earphone manufacturers, Harris technology has developed the earphone waterproof detector. The following is the test scheme of the instrument.

1、 Difficulties in waterproof test of earphone

Earphone waterproof detection belongs to small parts waterproof detection, it is not easy to achieve high-precision detection, it has relatively high requirements for instrument detection components and detection system, to achieve non-destructive testing and high-speed testing. In addition, there are many kinds of earphones, including wired, wireless, in ear, hanging ear and so on. Earphones with different shapes require the mobility of waterproof detector to realize the detection of various earphones and different waterproof levels.


Real shot of hiris technology earphone waterproof detector

2、 Demonstration of earphone waterproof detection examples

In order to solve the above two water-proof testing difficulties of earphones, Harris technology designs the water-proof tester into three parts: water-proof tester, air source and tooling, which can cooperate with each other without affecting each other. As a part of mobile detection, tooling has strong mobility. It can detect different types of headphones with different molds, and will not damage the product appearance.

Secondly, the waterproof detector system internal input" Positive and negative & quot; Two types of pressure, different levels of waterproof test parameters, and8There are three basic test modes, which can support leakage test, blocking test, positive pressure test, negative pressure test and other waterproof tests. Diversified detection settings and data processing functions make earphone manufacturers more handy in waterproof detection.

3、 Earphone waterproof test details display



4、 Interface display of earphone waterproof detector



5、 Parameter display of earphone waterproof tester


6、 Introduction to other functions

1Large size touch screen is used as the human-machine interface, which can easily monitor the test results and set various parameters in the process of waterproof test.

2It has the alarm function of qualified and unqualified products, which can eliminate the possibility of manual misjudgment and misinspection.

3, band4Circuit switch input and output8It can accept the control of external sensors and switch buttons, and can control the external relay, solenoid valve and other executive components, so as to realize the full automation of the test conveniently.

4Waterproof testertwo hundredBy setting the parameters of the subprogram on the touch screen, the user can connect different subprograms in series to form a test processI/OThe interface enables the leakage meter to receive control signals from external sensors and control external actuators (relays, solenoid valves, etc.). So as to realize the automation of the test process.

5, with test data recording function, you can download test data toUDisk, and through the computer display.

6With bar code scanning function, it can track and record defective products and repair situation; The function of upper computer.

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